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Antiquing In Crown Point, Indiana

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     We decided to take ride to Crown Point, Indiana last weekend. Crown Point, I was told, is the place to go for antique-hunting in Northwest Indiana. Crown Point is about 40 miles southeast of Chicago, just 5 miles west of I-65 in Indiana. What I found in this nice little town did not disappoint me.  I was greeted by a pleasant small-town atmosphere, a quaint little downtown district, interesting shops, and a wonderful old courthouse.
     Parking might be a problem when visiting during the week, as there are 15-minute parking signs near many of the shops located directly across from the courthouse. Since we were there on a Saturday, parking presented no problem for us.


CAMILLE'S ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES.     Camille's was a great  medium-size shop that contained a wide variety of antiques, very nicely displayed. Merchandise included antique fine glassware, furniture, books, a collection of banks, miscellaneous smalls and some nice linens. Prices were moderate to high, but worth it, as merchandise was very good quality. 115 W. Joliet St. (219-308-9261)
Inside Camille's, Crown Point, IN
Inside Camille's
A couple of noteworthy items I saw were a great old trunk (with original lining paper still inside) for only $75, a nice antique malt maker for $195, and an original vintage Prestone water can (used in an old gas station) for $58. Char bought a vintage hat box from Carson Pirie Scott & Co. for $5. I really liked this shop!

Inside Old Town Square A.M.
     Our next stop, just down the street from Camille's was the big OLD TOWN SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL  (219-662-1219).  This low to medium priced antique mall is BIG, having 3 floors filled with a wide variety of antiques, including antique jewelry, photography, military, wood ducks, and you-name-it! Plan to spend a couple of hours in this large mall.
     A couple of bargains I saw were a box of 78rpm records for $1 each, and an old cookie jar that had "Cookies For Dummies" printed on the outside for $10.

Inside On The Square Antique Emporium
     After we did the big mall, we visited On the Square Antiques, located at 116 South Main St. (219-663-3311).  This shop offers jewelry, MANTIQUES, and other miscellaneous antiques. Guys, this is the shop for you!  I saw a lot of things that will appeal to a man's taste. For example, signs, old tools, a heavy brass barometer, a vintage Camel Cigarette Stand ($65), an antique malt machine ($85). And oh yes, you can subtract 30% for these last 2 items from this seller!

Inside Old Green Shutters
Inside Old Green Shutters
     Next we visited Old Green Shutters Antiques located at 118 S. Main St. (219-663-4425).  This shop had  an interesting mixture of antique furniture, musical instruments, light fixtures, and architectural items that you usually find only in big cities like Chicago!  This was Char's favorite shop because of the tasteful way they display their antiques.

Inside The Copper Butterfly
     For a change-up, visit The Copper Butterfly, which is a delightful little shop that offers a pleasing variety of home & garden decorative items. The displays are tasteful and definitely upscale.

     Also interesting and different is the Gold & Gems Shop located at 126 S. Main St. (219-662-1390). . This shop will treat you to a variety of  custom-designed Gem Art, as well as a free Gemstone Museum.


AMORE RESTAURANT.  The Amor'e Restaurant offers fine dining at moderate to high prices in a pleasing indoor or outdoor (sidewalk) setting. Sample upscale cuisine or a glass of fine wine, while people-watching from one of the sidewalk tables.

TWELVE ISLANDS RESTAURANT.     This is Crown Point's "Hometown Restaurant on the Square", and offers reasonably-priced, good food. Char & I had lunch there for about $12.

ICE CREAM SHOP.    Also located in downtown Crown Point is a great little place to get ice cream.

THE COURTHOUSE SHOPS.   Inside the big courthouse, there are also a number of shops to visit.

     Wow!  To put it all in a nutshell............There is a LOT to do in Crown Point!  This is, without a doubt, an Antiquing Best Destination, and is highly recommended by my wife and I.

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  1. I moved to this area 2 months ago from Pensacola, FL; an antique lovers' dream location. I also am very impressed with the Crown Point Historic Square shops. I highly recommend as well. Julie D.