Monday, May 7, 2012

Antiquing Near the Indiana Dunes

Hi Folks!
     My wife suggested last week that we should plan a Road Trip to the INDIANA DUNES, which is someplace we haven't been to for about 30 years. This sounded great to me, because I love sand and water, but also because I knew there were a few antique shops in the quaint little town of Chesterton, Indiana, just a few miles from the Dunes.
Indiana Dunes

THE DUNES.     The Indiana Dunes is located east of Chicago, only about 1 1/4 hours away, just off of Interstate 80/94. I did not go to the Dunes State Park, which has the big 2-story concession stand. At the suggestion of the park ranger at the Welcome Center, I traveled just a few miles further east, down Indiana Route 12  and turned left (north) onto Broadway, which brought me to a nice Picnic Shelter (with picnic benches, shade, and public restrooms) and to some amazing sand dunes and a wide beach. I sat in the sand near the water for an hour or so until the sand flies started biting. Then Char and I took a nice walk along the Beach.
Picnic in the Park

THE TOWN OF CHESTERTON.  After spending about 3 hours taking in the scenic beauty of the Indiana Sand Dunes, we hopped in the Vette, top down, and drove a couple of miles to Chesterton, Indiana. Char and I were both hungry, so we stopped at a charming little park near the historic downtown section and ate our picnic lunch. (Sub Sandwiches and chips)  

ANTIQUING IN CHESTERTON.   Chesterton is home to 3 or 4 Antique Shops, but we only had time to visit 2 of them before closing.

4th Street Emporium
Inside 4th Street Emporium Antique Mall, Chesterton
     This little Antique Mall boasts 34 Dealers, and is located at 402 Broadway (219)728-1238.  This mall has a  variety of moderate to high-priced items. It is worth looking around......They had a collection of antique jewelry, some vintage jewelry boxes, many smalls in cases, and many other miscellaneous antiques.

Angry Villager's Kit

     This is Chesterton's largest Antique Mall, and is a very nice, low to moderately priced antique-hunting spot. They had a large array of  interesting and affordable antiques such as a tricycle that was made by inmates of the Missouri State Prison (This thing was made to last!) and an "Angry Villager's Kit", which consisted of a nasty looking Hook, a small sickle and a large, sharp, rusty knife. (I wouldn't want to run into the owner of these tools late at night!!) Yesterday's Treasures is located at 700 W. Broadway (219) 926-2268.

Yesterday's Treasures Antique Mall
Tricycle Made By Prison Inmates

     We were headed out of Chesterton for the 1 1/2 hour trip back to Kankakee County, when I noticed an old-time Drive-In Restaurant called "The Port". I suggested we stop for ice cream, and as soon as we parked, out comes a CAR HOP ON ROLLER SKATES!  Wow.....I felt like I had just gone back in time about 50 years.  This place is awesome. There were 4 or 5 carhops in roller skates to serve hamburgers, fries, ice cream, etc. just like in the 1960's.

The Port Drive-In Restaurant, Chesterton, IN

Well, needless to say, we had a wonderful time and did some nice antiquing (I bought the Big Hook from The Angry Villager's Kit) in and near The Indiana Dunes. I highly recommend this area as an antique-lovers BEST DESTINATION.


  1. Hey you want some center caps for the Red Corvette? I could meet you anytime. I like Ice cream.


  2. That car has seen better days, Center caps aren't the only thing missing.