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Antiquing In Orland Park, IL

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     Before visiting my son Steve's in-laws for a birthday party, I stopped off at the Old Orland Antique Shops in nearby Orland Park, Illinois to do a little antiquing. These shops are considered one of  Chicago's south suburbs best places to buy antiques! This group of about 10 shops are all within walking distance in the old section of booming Orland Park, IL. I like to park near 143rd and Beacon Avenue and walk to the various shops from there. As with most smaller towns, parking is free. I found a good parking spot along the curb and near the top of the hill on Beacon Avenue.

Beacon Hill Antique Shop
Inside Beacon Hill Antique Shop, Orland Park, IL
     The first shop that I visited was The Beacon Hill Antique Shop (14314 Beacon Ave.,  708-460-7988). This is a small antique mall of 15 dealers who offer a variety of  antiques for you to check out. Offered for sale are such things as a large collection of old movie posters, nick-nacks, dishware, vintage clothes, a few military items, crystal repair, etc. One interesting booth I liked offered a few auto-related antiques including a vintage metal Atlas Tires lighted clock. The clock was in great shape, in working order, and I could have had it for $210........a fantastic price for a rare item like this. I passed this find up, only to find that one week later it had been sold after I made up my mind to buy it. This is, of course, a common occurence for those of us who have limited space to display our treasures or do not have unlimited funds at our disposal. Maybe I'll come across another some day!

Pam Benson Fine Jewelry
     This little shop on Beacon Ave., offers a large selection of old costume jewelry, as well as some vintage fine jewelry. (708-403-3850)

Player Piano Clinic and Emporium

The Gem Roller Organ at Player Piano Clinic

     If you are interested in player pianos, antique record players, or anything vintage that plays music you need to stop in. Jim the proprietor will be most happy to talk to you about any of  his antique items, and will gladly give you an estimate on the cost to repair your vintage record player or player piano. (Jim repaired my 1890's Columbia record player that once belonged to my Grandfather several years ago.) He also offers a selection of antique lanterns, globe paper weights, antique telephones, as well as some miscellaneous smalls. While I was there, Jim had for sale a very interesting Gem Roller Organ, in working condition, for $435. It sounded great! Jim's shop is located at 14322 Beacon Ave.,   708-403-1020.  Stop in and say Hi.

Anna B's Antiques 'n Things
Anna B's in Orland Park, IL
Inside Anna B's
     Anna B's (14330 Beacon Ave., 708-364-9336, offers a nice variety of antiques including dolls, toys and jewelry.

Union Avenue General Store Antique Shop
Inside The General Store
     The General Store at 14313 Union, 708-349-9802, sits upon the first foundation laid in the town of Orland Park. The original section of the building was a stagecoach station about 4 miles east, and was moved to the present site in about 1879. It was a general store until 1969, when Stewart Loebe retired. It now houses about 20 antique dealers on 2 floors. The building is unusual in that it has remained virtually unaltered through the years. I couldn't help imagining myself in the old General Store a century earlier. There are a lot of antiques here. Spend an hour or so and look around.

Cracker Barrel Antiqiques               
      Located at 9915-19 W. 143rd Place (Union Ave.), 708-403-2221, Cracker Barrel Antiques displayed some interesting antique furniture and dishware. One item I spotted was a nice antique wash stand with marble top selling for $295.

On The Road Again
Wood Wagon Canteen, On the Road Again
     Just down the street, at 9925 W. 143rd St. 708-949-8504, is a delightful little shop called On The Road Again. This is a well-organized, high-end consignment shop featuring fine art, nice dishware, and fine jewelry and other miscellaneous items. While there, I found a most interesting original antique Wood Wagon Canteen offered for only $49.99. This would have been carried on the old covered wagons..........really a wonderful find in excellent condition! Stop in and see what you can find.

Susie's Trunk Show & Emporium
     A little further west on 143rd St you'll find Susie's, at 9959 W. 143rd St., 708-269-0578, a shop that offers home decor, accessories and antiques.

     Across the street from Beacon Hill Antique Shop, I noticed an Irish Restaurant & Pub that looked like a nice place to dine. I didn't get a chance to check it out though, as Char & I were already late for the birthday party. The town of Orland Park offers an almost unlimited variety of shopping and dining. You can easily spend a full day here and still not have seen everything there is to see. I highly recommend the town of Orland Park, Illinois as an antique-lover's best destination!    

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  1. I've been to the On the Road Again Shop, and always manage to come out with a lttle treasure!