Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Antiquing In Central Florida - Mount Dora, Webster

Hi Folks!    
          I'm vacationing in the Sunshine State (Florida) this week.  Antiquing, of course, is high on my list of priorities, and Central Florida is where I found some hot spots for the antiques hunter.
     WHAT YOU'LL FIND:      
         Mount Dora is a gem of a town, located just 30 minutes from Orlando and about an hour from either coast. This little town is a worthwhile travel destination, and has quite a few interesting little shops and restaurants, including several antique shops. Although I found antique prices are a little high, this scenic town is still worth seeing.

Renningers Small Individual Shops

          Just east of Mount Dora, on New Highway 441, is
Renningers Antique Center.   This is a must see for the serious antiquer. Renningers has 200 air conditioned inside booths and has free admission and free parking for 6000 cars. The large site is divided into 2 main areas: a large Farmers Market / Flea Market and a large Antique Area, composed of several huge buildings and 10 or 12 smaller shops. (You can easily spend half a day here!)  You will find all sorts of interesting antiques here, including furniture, decorative art, paintings, jewelry, historical items, etc.   Prices are moderate. At the "Hardware Man" booth I found a Furnace Viewer for $22. (Can anyone tell me anything about this item??)  I also purchased a very old Bright Star pen light at another booth for $5. (I cleaned the battery terminals and it works great.)  Don't miss this place!

Inside One of Renningers Large Buildings

          Another great antiquing spot in central Florida is the Webster Flea This large flea market is located 70 miles northwest of Orlando, off Florida Turnpike exit 256.  It too is divided into a flea market section and a large antique section. This Antiques & Flea Market is open every Monday only, from 6am 'till 3pm.  Admission is $2, with plenty of parking available.  Prices are mostly low, as you might expect in a flea market venue.  Although there are plenty of genuine antiques at bargain prices, you need to beware of the occasional reproduction. (Know what you are buying before you plop down any of your hard-earned cash, OK?)  Here you might find anything under the sun.  I purchased a mechanical counter, manufactured by Veeder in 1915, for just  $2.   I also found an original Fallout Shelter sign from the 1950's, '60s for $5.  If you are looking for a bargain antique, something unusual,'ll likely find it here!
          If you need accommodations while in Florida, be sure to check out Vicki Nangle's excellent travel blog, Florida On a Budget, to get the best deal for your money.

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