Friday, October 28, 2011

Antiquing In Wilmington, Illinois

Hi Folks!
     We traveled to Wilmington, Illinois yesterday to visit my wife's sister Rose and, of course, to do a little antique-hunting as well. Wilmington is a quiet little town, just about 20 miles northwest of Kankakee and roughly 50 miles southwest of Chicago. Route 53 (formerly historic Route 66) runs through this neat little gem of a town.
     What you'll experience:

Paraphernalia Antiques, Wilmington, IL

           There are probably 5 or 6 antique shops in Wilmington, all within easy walking distance from one another.  History buffs will find this quaint river town has some historic old buildings, an old railway depot and a new foot bridge over the "Mill Race", a small waterway that runs parallel to the Kankakee River that was once used to float logs through the town and into the river.  A number of eating spots await you for a quick lunch or light dinner. (I recommend Haydens Crossing for great burgers and a rustic decor!)

Inside Miltown Market Antique Mall

           Milltown Market Antique Mall is just several blocks from Wilmington's small downtown, and has a nice mix of quality items (brass tools, military, old toy cars, crafts, etc.).  Prices are moderate. The mall is 2 stories, well-organized and not overwhelming in size.
     What I found:

          I saw some good bargains here, such as a Gilchrist ice cream scoop in working order for $15 and an old ice cream table with 2 chairs in amazing condition for $75.  Owners Gary and Kay will be delighted to help you find your special treasure.  Milltown Market is located at 508 N. Kankakee St.  (815) 476-0386.

     I also visited The Trinity Knot Antique and Irish Shop on Water Street, downtown. This shop has a nice selection of white antique furniture and accessories, jewelry, milk glass and many Irish items such as hats and T-shirts. (My wife came away with a very nice scarf to match the coat she was wearing; a bargain she thinks at $20.)

The Trinity Knot Antique & Irish Shop, Wilmington, IL

Serenity Antique Mall, Wilmington, IL
     Serenity Antique Mall, also on Water Street, has a collection of pocket watches, coins and a few interesting items such as an old pennant from Loyola for $29.

      Paraphernalia on Water Street has an unusual collection of old furniture from England, as well as antique and modern jewelry.
     Wilmington, Illinois is certainly a worthwhile travel destination for the antique buff.........check it out!

UPDATE,  9-17-2012:

There is a new antique mall in Wilmington.......THE OLD THEATRE, located on Water Street, and just down the street from most of the other antique shops. GUYS, this shop is for you! Once entering, you will see a nice display of vintage signs, antique outboard motors, old tools, military surplus items, and more. The shop also offers an interesting variety of mineral crystals for sale. The vintage signs (mostly gas, oil & auto related) are original, not fake. Trust me, this is the shop that guys can enjoy while their wives & girlfriends check out the great offerings of dishware and jewelry offered in shops down the street. ( I came away with a great vintage "Atlas Battery Cables" sign, complete with hooks and nice graphics, for only $28.)

Also, be sure to check out the TRINITY KNOT (see above) for a fresh look, fair prices, and some friendly conversation with the proprieters. (I found an unusual vintage "Rolmonica", a harmonica that plays tunes from a roll of paper, for just $18.) Bill tells me he just bought the 2 shops next to him, and we should look for some really nice antique shops to be opening in Wilmington in the near future!


  1. Nice write up. Think I may have to visit Wilmington Il some time. Maybe have some coffee with Rose. If you wife thinks she got a bargain just agree.

    Here are some other places you may enjoy old timer.

  3. Could you recommend a place to stay? How far is Wimington from Perkins il?

  4. Hey Jake,
    Looking for a good motel-try Van Duyne's Motel-The Best Motel By a Dam Sight-right off Highway 53-Old Route 66. The owner, Pat, is very personable, close to the Antiques District and within walking distant to many local eateries. Not sure how far Perkins, Il is-you may want to try Map Quest.

  5. About 2 hours from Pekin, IL
    Chester Manor Bed and Breakfast looks pretty nice. Has anyone been there?
    This link has some pictures.
    116 S Kankakee St
    Wilmington, IL
    (815) 476-1055

  6. Sorry Daughter L., the Chester Manor Bed & Breakfast is no longer in business; unfortunatley Wilmington doesn't have many places to stay other than Van Duyne's Motel. The closet town would be Joliet which has lots of places to stay-just a short distance from Wilmington off I-55.

  7. You should see The Trinity Knot now! The most unique shopping experience in the Midwest.

    1. No it isn't.... not even close

  8. All I like to do is sit on the bench and watch the ladies shop. Any place one could just sit and watch the Ladies?