Monday, November 28, 2011

Antiquing in Bourbonnais, Illinois

Hi folks !
     While traveling in Kankakee County, Illinois this month, I stopped at one of my favorite antique spots; INDIAN OAKS ANTIQUE MALL in Bourbonnais, Illinois. This place is amazing, in that it has hundreds of dealer wares in a compact (1-story) building. I find it clean, temperature-controlled and wheel chair accessible.

     What you'll experience:
       A wide variety of antiques, including glassware, furniture, gas station items (petrolina), some crafts, and many other interesting things.   Prices are mostly moderate but most dealers will do at least 10% off if you ask. (Look for the booths with discounts up to 50% to do better)
One of many booths, Indian Oaks Antique Mall
     What I found:
          * A MOPAR clamp display rack for $55
          * An AC spark plug display rack for $30
          * 2 old stop signs (one was oval) for $22 and $14
This antique mall is really worth the travel time, folks !   Indian Oaks is located off I-57, just about an hour south of Chicago, at the intersection of Illinois Route 50 and Larry Power Road in Bourbonnais, Illinois.       Phone number:  (815) 933-9998
     Just around the corner from Indian Oaks on Route 50, you will find the CASTLE ANTIQUE MALL.  This mall is a little smaller, but you can also find interesting antiques if you look carefully.

Inside Castle Antique Mall
(I once found a pair of wood signs "Mary Todd Room" and "Gettysburg Room", which we affixed to the doors of our 2 guest bedrooms at the cabin.  They were unique and only $20 each. I also purchased a very old wooden pinball game for $45.)  This building is not heated or cooled well bring a coat to wear in the colder weather!  
     While you're in the area you might want to visit VIPs Restaurant, located at 505N. Kinzie Ave., just down the street from the Antique Malls (815-935-1501). Here you'll get generous portions of great food at reasonable prices.


  1. Thanks for the info. It'll be nice to hear about your travels especially since they aren't too far from me.

  2. Thanks, Dani.......
    I'm glad you found it interesting !


  3. good job don. I'm going to have to start going to antique shops,sounds like you can get good deals.

  4. I bet the old stop sign would make quite a conversation piece. I would probably put it at the kitchen entrance.

  5. I have a booth at this mall and it is a great place. It was nominated recently by the Illinois Travel Bureau of 1 of 2 top places in Illinois. I just read your write up on Wilmington and will be doing soon. I live in Oak Lawn and have a blog myself, if you want check it out.

    1. Thanks for reading Cathy. I hope you enjoy your trip to Wilmington.