Thursday, July 17, 2014

Antiquing In Palm Beach,Florida

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     I wanted to describe my antiquing experience in Palm Beach, Florida. My daughter, a Florida native, recommended we visit Palm Beach, or more precisely, West Palm Beach for a unique antique-hunting experience. West Palm Beach is located on the east coast of Florida, just off of Interstate 95.
Historic Antique Row is located along South Dixie Highway, from Southern Blvd. to Belvedere Rd. There are quite a few shops, 40 or 50 according to the brochures.
I have to tell you, this is the place to come if you have a bankroll of money to spend, or if you just want to see how the wealthy shop for antiques. There were some shops that were moderately priced, with interesting items to buy, but many of these shops were a bit pricey (like a corner chair for $1,500 at CEDRIC DUPONT ANTIQUES).  This place is high end, but is worth actually have to be buzzed in, and then you are met by a really nice old gentleman who will show you around.  Nice stuff if you can afford it.

Cedric Dupont Antiques
 After visiting about 10 shops (there are at least 20 more in this vicinity), we broke for dinner at the CITY DINER, a nice relatively inexpensive place to eat.
4 or 5 more shops, and we were ready to go back to our hotel. Here are a couple of pictures I took while in town.
At Cedric Dupont Antiques
D & G ANTIQUES had a Campaign Desk for $1,950 and a Vintage Crystal Chandelier for $3,800.
D & G Antiques

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Antiquing In Crown Point, Indiana

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     We decided to take ride to Crown Point, Indiana last weekend. Crown Point, I was told, is the place to go for antique-hunting in Northwest Indiana. Crown Point is about 40 miles southeast of Chicago, just 5 miles west of I-65 in Indiana. What I found in this nice little town did not disappoint me.  I was greeted by a pleasant small-town atmosphere, a quaint little downtown district, interesting shops, and a wonderful old courthouse.
     Parking might be a problem when visiting during the week, as there are 15-minute parking signs near many of the shops located directly across from the courthouse. Since we were there on a Saturday, parking presented no problem for us.


CAMILLE'S ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES.     Camille's was a great  medium-size shop that contained a wide variety of antiques, very nicely displayed. Merchandise included antique fine glassware, furniture, books, a collection of banks, miscellaneous smalls and some nice linens. Prices were moderate to high, but worth it, as merchandise was very good quality. 115 W. Joliet St. (219-308-9261)
Inside Camille's, Crown Point, IN
Inside Camille's
A couple of noteworthy items I saw were a great old trunk (with original lining paper still inside) for only $75, a nice antique malt maker for $195, and an original vintage Prestone water can (used in an old gas station) for $58. Char bought a vintage hat box from Carson Pirie Scott & Co. for $5. I really liked this shop!

Inside Old Town Square A.M.
     Our next stop, just down the street from Camille's was the big OLD TOWN SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL  (219-662-1219).  This low to medium priced antique mall is BIG, having 3 floors filled with a wide variety of antiques, including antique jewelry, photography, military, wood ducks, and you-name-it! Plan to spend a couple of hours in this large mall.
     A couple of bargains I saw were a box of 78rpm records for $1 each, and an old cookie jar that had "Cookies For Dummies" printed on the outside for $10.

Inside On The Square Antique Emporium
     After we did the big mall, we visited On the Square Antiques, located at 116 South Main St. (219-663-3311).  This shop offers jewelry, MANTIQUES, and other miscellaneous antiques. Guys, this is the shop for you!  I saw a lot of things that will appeal to a man's taste. For example, signs, old tools, a heavy brass barometer, a vintage Camel Cigarette Stand ($65), an antique malt machine ($85). And oh yes, you can subtract 30% for these last 2 items from this seller!

Inside Old Green Shutters
Inside Old Green Shutters
     Next we visited Old Green Shutters Antiques located at 118 S. Main St. (219-663-4425).  This shop had  an interesting mixture of antique furniture, musical instruments, light fixtures, and architectural items that you usually find only in big cities like Chicago!  This was Char's favorite shop because of the tasteful way they display their antiques.

Inside The Copper Butterfly
     For a change-up, visit The Copper Butterfly, which is a delightful little shop that offers a pleasing variety of home & garden decorative items. The displays are tasteful and definitely upscale.

     Also interesting and different is the Gold & Gems Shop located at 126 S. Main St. (219-662-1390). . This shop will treat you to a variety of  custom-designed Gem Art, as well as a free Gemstone Museum.


AMORE RESTAURANT.  The Amor'e Restaurant offers fine dining at moderate to high prices in a pleasing indoor or outdoor (sidewalk) setting. Sample upscale cuisine or a glass of fine wine, while people-watching from one of the sidewalk tables.

TWELVE ISLANDS RESTAURANT.     This is Crown Point's "Hometown Restaurant on the Square", and offers reasonably-priced, good food. Char & I had lunch there for about $12.

ICE CREAM SHOP.    Also located in downtown Crown Point is a great little place to get ice cream.

THE COURTHOUSE SHOPS.   Inside the big courthouse, there are also a number of shops to visit.

     Wow!  To put it all in a nutshell............There is a LOT to do in Crown Point!  This is, without a doubt, an Antiquing Best Destination, and is highly recommended by my wife and I.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Antiquing Near the Indiana Dunes

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     My wife suggested last week that we should plan a Road Trip to the INDIANA DUNES, which is someplace we haven't been to for about 30 years. This sounded great to me, because I love sand and water, but also because I knew there were a few antique shops in the quaint little town of Chesterton, Indiana, just a few miles from the Dunes.
Indiana Dunes

THE DUNES.     The Indiana Dunes is located east of Chicago, only about 1 1/4 hours away, just off of Interstate 80/94. I did not go to the Dunes State Park, which has the big 2-story concession stand. At the suggestion of the park ranger at the Welcome Center, I traveled just a few miles further east, down Indiana Route 12  and turned left (north) onto Broadway, which brought me to a nice Picnic Shelter (with picnic benches, shade, and public restrooms) and to some amazing sand dunes and a wide beach. I sat in the sand near the water for an hour or so until the sand flies started biting. Then Char and I took a nice walk along the Beach.
Picnic in the Park

THE TOWN OF CHESTERTON.  After spending about 3 hours taking in the scenic beauty of the Indiana Sand Dunes, we hopped in the Vette, top down, and drove a couple of miles to Chesterton, Indiana. Char and I were both hungry, so we stopped at a charming little park near the historic downtown section and ate our picnic lunch. (Sub Sandwiches and chips)  

ANTIQUING IN CHESTERTON.   Chesterton is home to 3 or 4 Antique Shops, but we only had time to visit 2 of them before closing.

4th Street Emporium
Inside 4th Street Emporium Antique Mall, Chesterton
     This little Antique Mall boasts 34 Dealers, and is located at 402 Broadway (219)728-1238.  This mall has a  variety of moderate to high-priced items. It is worth looking around......They had a collection of antique jewelry, some vintage jewelry boxes, many smalls in cases, and many other miscellaneous antiques.

Angry Villager's Kit

     This is Chesterton's largest Antique Mall, and is a very nice, low to moderately priced antique-hunting spot. They had a large array of  interesting and affordable antiques such as a tricycle that was made by inmates of the Missouri State Prison (This thing was made to last!) and an "Angry Villager's Kit", which consisted of a nasty looking Hook, a small sickle and a large, sharp, rusty knife. (I wouldn't want to run into the owner of these tools late at night!!) Yesterday's Treasures is located at 700 W. Broadway (219) 926-2268.

Yesterday's Treasures Antique Mall
Tricycle Made By Prison Inmates

     We were headed out of Chesterton for the 1 1/2 hour trip back to Kankakee County, when I noticed an old-time Drive-In Restaurant called "The Port". I suggested we stop for ice cream, and as soon as we parked, out comes a CAR HOP ON ROLLER SKATES!  Wow.....I felt like I had just gone back in time about 50 years.  This place is awesome. There were 4 or 5 carhops in roller skates to serve hamburgers, fries, ice cream, etc. just like in the 1960's.

The Port Drive-In Restaurant, Chesterton, IN

Well, needless to say, we had a wonderful time and did some nice antiquing (I bought the Big Hook from The Angry Villager's Kit) in and near The Indiana Dunes. I highly recommend this area as an antique-lovers BEST DESTINATION.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Antiquing In Orland Park, IL

Hi Folks!
     Before visiting my son Steve's in-laws for a birthday party, I stopped off at the Old Orland Antique Shops in nearby Orland Park, Illinois to do a little antiquing. These shops are considered one of  Chicago's south suburbs best places to buy antiques! This group of about 10 shops are all within walking distance in the old section of booming Orland Park, IL. I like to park near 143rd and Beacon Avenue and walk to the various shops from there. As with most smaller towns, parking is free. I found a good parking spot along the curb and near the top of the hill on Beacon Avenue.

Beacon Hill Antique Shop
Inside Beacon Hill Antique Shop, Orland Park, IL
     The first shop that I visited was The Beacon Hill Antique Shop (14314 Beacon Ave.,  708-460-7988). This is a small antique mall of 15 dealers who offer a variety of  antiques for you to check out. Offered for sale are such things as a large collection of old movie posters, nick-nacks, dishware, vintage clothes, a few military items, crystal repair, etc. One interesting booth I liked offered a few auto-related antiques including a vintage metal Atlas Tires lighted clock. The clock was in great shape, in working order, and I could have had it for $210........a fantastic price for a rare item like this. I passed this find up, only to find that one week later it had been sold after I made up my mind to buy it. This is, of course, a common occurence for those of us who have limited space to display our treasures or do not have unlimited funds at our disposal. Maybe I'll come across another some day!

Pam Benson Fine Jewelry
     This little shop on Beacon Ave., offers a large selection of old costume jewelry, as well as some vintage fine jewelry. (708-403-3850)

Player Piano Clinic and Emporium

The Gem Roller Organ at Player Piano Clinic

     If you are interested in player pianos, antique record players, or anything vintage that plays music you need to stop in. Jim the proprietor will be most happy to talk to you about any of  his antique items, and will gladly give you an estimate on the cost to repair your vintage record player or player piano. (Jim repaired my 1890's Columbia record player that once belonged to my Grandfather several years ago.) He also offers a selection of antique lanterns, globe paper weights, antique telephones, as well as some miscellaneous smalls. While I was there, Jim had for sale a very interesting Gem Roller Organ, in working condition, for $435. It sounded great! Jim's shop is located at 14322 Beacon Ave.,   708-403-1020.  Stop in and say Hi.

Anna B's Antiques 'n Things
Anna B's in Orland Park, IL
Inside Anna B's
     Anna B's (14330 Beacon Ave., 708-364-9336, offers a nice variety of antiques including dolls, toys and jewelry.

Union Avenue General Store Antique Shop
Inside The General Store
     The General Store at 14313 Union, 708-349-9802, sits upon the first foundation laid in the town of Orland Park. The original section of the building was a stagecoach station about 4 miles east, and was moved to the present site in about 1879. It was a general store until 1969, when Stewart Loebe retired. It now houses about 20 antique dealers on 2 floors. The building is unusual in that it has remained virtually unaltered through the years. I couldn't help imagining myself in the old General Store a century earlier. There are a lot of antiques here. Spend an hour or so and look around.

Cracker Barrel Antiqiques               
      Located at 9915-19 W. 143rd Place (Union Ave.), 708-403-2221, Cracker Barrel Antiques displayed some interesting antique furniture and dishware. One item I spotted was a nice antique wash stand with marble top selling for $295.

On The Road Again
Wood Wagon Canteen, On the Road Again
     Just down the street, at 9925 W. 143rd St. 708-949-8504, is a delightful little shop called On The Road Again. This is a well-organized, high-end consignment shop featuring fine art, nice dishware, and fine jewelry and other miscellaneous items. While there, I found a most interesting original antique Wood Wagon Canteen offered for only $49.99. This would have been carried on the old covered wagons..........really a wonderful find in excellent condition! Stop in and see what you can find.

Susie's Trunk Show & Emporium
     A little further west on 143rd St you'll find Susie's, at 9959 W. 143rd St., 708-269-0578, a shop that offers home decor, accessories and antiques.

     Across the street from Beacon Hill Antique Shop, I noticed an Irish Restaurant & Pub that looked like a nice place to dine. I didn't get a chance to check it out though, as Char & I were already late for the birthday party. The town of Orland Park offers an almost unlimited variety of shopping and dining. You can easily spend a full day here and still not have seen everything there is to see. I highly recommend the town of Orland Park, Illinois as an antique-lover's best destination!    

Monday, November 28, 2011

Antiquing In Morris, Illinois

Hi Folks!
          This week, Char & I decided to check out Morris, Illinois. The town is about 40 miles southwest of Chicago, at the junction of Interstate 80 and Illinois Route 47. This little gem of a town has only several antique shops now, but it is host to many interesting little shops, boutiques and restaurants. Set along the Illinois River, this town has charm and interesting places to see.  Boaters will find an excellent launching site along the river, where water levels are kept between 9 - 12 feet by a series of dams. You will find plenty of free parking in this town.

Inside Morris Antique Emporium

      The Morris Antique Emporium is a 15,000 Sq. ft. antique mall that houses a variety of unique and interesting antiques in a roomy, pleasant setting. You will find old toys, fishing lures, comic books, swizzle sticks, furniture, gas station memorabilia, etc. in 3 floors. Prices are mostly moderate. I got lost in this shop for several hours, browsing the many interesting items. (I purchased a 1910- 1920 automobile push horn for $36 and a Davis & Cook Level, patd. 1886 for $26. This was a birthday gift to my son, Steve, a union carpenter.)  This is one of the finest little antique malls in northern Illinois!
          Another shop with some antique jewelry, gently used clothing, and home furnishings was Our Home To Yours .
          Morris Coin Shop (302 N. Liberty St.) buys and sells gold, silver, coins, silver dollars, proof sets and old paper money. Check for old coins in grampas attic and bring them in for a free appraisal.

Inside Vintage, Morris, IL
           Vintage (222 Liberty St;( is a delightful little shop that has an amazing selection of crafts and re purposed furniture. This shop presents very well. Prices are moderate to high, but merchandise is high quality.

Inside Gypsy Soul, Morris, IL
          Gypsy Soul was another shop that offered some nice re purposed jewelry, gently used clothing and misc. items. with a flare.
          There is also a Historical Museum in town, also many other shops and restaurants we did not get a chance to visit.  You can easily spend the better part of a day exploring downtown Morris, Illinois and the surrounding area.

Antiquing in Bourbonnais, Illinois

Hi folks !
     While traveling in Kankakee County, Illinois this month, I stopped at one of my favorite antique spots; INDIAN OAKS ANTIQUE MALL in Bourbonnais, Illinois. This place is amazing, in that it has hundreds of dealer wares in a compact (1-story) building. I find it clean, temperature-controlled and wheel chair accessible.

     What you'll experience:
       A wide variety of antiques, including glassware, furniture, gas station items (petrolina), some crafts, and many other interesting things.   Prices are mostly moderate but most dealers will do at least 10% off if you ask. (Look for the booths with discounts up to 50% to do better)
One of many booths, Indian Oaks Antique Mall
     What I found:
          * A MOPAR clamp display rack for $55
          * An AC spark plug display rack for $30
          * 2 old stop signs (one was oval) for $22 and $14
This antique mall is really worth the travel time, folks !   Indian Oaks is located off I-57, just about an hour south of Chicago, at the intersection of Illinois Route 50 and Larry Power Road in Bourbonnais, Illinois.       Phone number:  (815) 933-9998
     Just around the corner from Indian Oaks on Route 50, you will find the CASTLE ANTIQUE MALL.  This mall is a little smaller, but you can also find interesting antiques if you look carefully.

Inside Castle Antique Mall
(I once found a pair of wood signs "Mary Todd Room" and "Gettysburg Room", which we affixed to the doors of our 2 guest bedrooms at the cabin.  They were unique and only $20 each. I also purchased a very old wooden pinball game for $45.)  This building is not heated or cooled well bring a coat to wear in the colder weather!  
     While you're in the area you might want to visit VIPs Restaurant, located at 505N. Kinzie Ave., just down the street from the Antique Malls (815-935-1501). Here you'll get generous portions of great food at reasonable prices.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Antiquing On Florida's Gulf Coast- Homosassa, New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs

Hi Folks!
          The second week of our Florida vacation was spent exploring and antiquing along Florida's Gulf Coast. As with any antiques hunt, you never know what you might find. Although my blog is mostly about antiquing, you will be missing something special if you fail to spend some serious time at one of the gulf coast's many pristine beaches.  Sugar fine sand, sunny skies and warm blue waters await the Florida traveler. Some great beaches that we like: Clearwater Beach, Madiera Beach, Treasure Island, Sanibel Island.

           While on our way back from Homosassa Springs Wildlife Refuge, my daughter and I stopped at The Antiques Mall, along Highway 19 in Homosassa, FL  (352-621-9800).  This is a medium-size antique mall and has a variety of items. (Some glassware, military and antique firearms & knives, and the usual antique home items.  Prices were low to moderate. (I bought a cockpit instrument from an old plane for $12. This will make an interesting paperweight.)

The Antques Mall, Homosassa, FL

           Several days later, my wife Char and I took a trip to Tarpon Springs, which lies along Alt. Highway 19, about 35 minutes from our home base in Hudson, FL. Along the way, we stopped at Lyons Head Antique Mall along Highway 19 in New Port Richy, FL. This is a medium-sized mall and has a selection of interesting antiques. (Glassware, dishes, gold & silver jewelry, small collectibles, some military, etc.)  Prices are moderate to high.
          When we got to Tarpon Springs, we found at least eight antique shops in the Historic District, along East Tarpon Avenue. Pricing ranged from moderate to high in this district. Some shops Char and I found interesting:
     Carters Antique Asylum - A nice assortment of jewelry, glassware, and some interesting things like an Eastlake Marble Top Dresser with mirror for $450 and an old black Payphone for $150.

Carter's Antique Asylum, Tarpon Springs, FL
     Tarapani's - A high-end, pricey shop that featured fine art, glassware, and expensive furniture as well as unusual items from Guatamala. A couple of things I found interesting to look at were a Victorian Side Board for $2200 and a nice old Colonial Chest for $1700.   (727-365-7571)
     Antiques Forever - This shop had jewelry, a nice selection of designer purses, music boxes, some Christmas items, old knives and kitchen gadgets. (727-938-0078)
     Menzers - In this well-organized shop you'll find glassware, jewelry, small tools, etc. (My wife bought several Hull Pottery bean pots for $10 each.)
Menzer's Antiques, Tarpon Springs, FL

Finders Keepers, Tarpon Springs, FL
     Finders Keepers - Here you'll be delighted with clean, neat displays of jewelry, furniture, and vintage women's clothing. This little shop gets an A-plus rating for its lovely presentation of the merchandise. ( I bought a 120 year old refurbished Seth Thomas mantle clock here last April for only $100! It keeps almost perfect time.)   (727) 942-4675

     Court of Two Sisters - This moderate size shop is home to some interesting and varied antiques, such as Military collectibles, watches, clocks and glassware, and other collectibles. ( I found a nice old 1920s or 30s vintage wind-up Toy Firetruck with 4 battery-operated lights, marked down twice from $550 to $220, finally to $112.)  I need to do some research on this item, but I think I got a bargain.

2 pics from Court of Two Sisters, Tarpon Springs, FL

          When you're tired of antiquing, you can walk down to the nearby Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks for a nice meal and/or some interesting sight-seeing. For some great Greek-style cuisine try Dimitri's On the Water. (We split a Gyro sandwich with fries for just $8.)  Dimitri's has both indoor and outdoor (on the water) seating. Walk along the sponge docks and check out a variety of old working fishing boats.  Take time also to go through the large number of quaint little shops that you will find in this Greek-inspired town.   Don't forget to try Helenas Bakery for some Baklava and other Greek pastries for desert. You can sit at one of the little tables outside on a nice day.

          I think you'll enjoy antiquing along Florida's Gulf Coast. Give it a try!